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Posted by John M Weisinger on Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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texttextNext Browser v1.06texttext

Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06: Android 2.2+text

Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06: Next Browser provides web surfing experience. It's a totally free app. text




Download : Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 , it.text


New Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 :text

1. Custom Speed Dial : clean, fast !text

2. Tabs Browsing : fast !text

3. Easy Search : get anything !text

4. Next Voice : make fun!!text

5. Next View : explore !text

6. Browser Extensions : different functions -instext

7. Sync : mobile devicestext

be using Chrome PC. However, Next Browser great choice Android devices. Download : Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 , it.text


What's Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 :text

1.(Improve) Tabs: quickly slide, long press alltext

2.(Improve) Speed Dialtext

3.(New) Night mode extensiontext

4.(New) Import Chrome bookmarks folders (Menu -> Bookmarks -> Import Chrome bookmarks)text

5.(New) Save link link(Long press -> menu)text

6.(New) Download : Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 notification: Notification bartext

7.(New) Next View:readed tag, Germany local feedtext

8.(New) Next View:Custom RSS feed(Next View -> add subscription -> Custom RSS feed)text

9.(New) Support language:Greektext

10.(Fix) Some crash problemstext





Download : Android Apk »Next Browser v1.06 APK:text

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