Android Apk »City Island (Premium)™ v1.00

Posted by John M Weisinger on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

About Us: Android Apk »City Island (Premium)™ v1.00
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City Island (Premium)™ v1.00

: 2.3

: If Sim City tycoon games, definately love t building game!

In City Isl houses citizens, decorations and community buildings them happy, jobs so earn money from citizens. If games on Android™, building a virtual life Isl choice!

Discover a life virtual world full where to build a business empire choice + unique buildings, like hotels, cinema's, offices, bakeries, restaurants, oil platforms paradise island. Grow city in large metropolis. Catch some fish boats, make people happy parks, schools, churches, libraries, museums, plants, a nice ferris wheel. all Android Apk »City Island (Premium)™ v1.00 insight city tycoon game: happy people attract , who residences . all epic story: discover what best way a successful entrepreneur fabulous island!

★★★★★ Review A: Love it!!!!!

!!! t NOW!!!!!

★★★★★ Review M: Super addictive!

Can easily spend hours free business game, easy and than other city builder games. It’s really like running my own epic empire big island.

★★★★★ Review R: City Island

Be aware app addicting.

★★★★★ Review P: City Island

I loved Sim City building games, but I love t virtual City Isl more!

** Android Apk »City Island (Premium)™ v1.00 **

- Fun tycoon game

- HIGH QUALITY graphics

- Intuitive gameplay

- Challenge new virtual paradise

- Unlock from a list + Unique buildings (residential, commercial, community, decoration, plants, sea buildings like oil platforms )

- Currencies: gold

- Attract citizens, trees, buildings

- Build residences citizens

- Collect prof buildings

- Upgrade buildings

- City park theme

- Collect XP unlock new buildings

- Collect dozens while playing

- Exp tiny city paradise isl create for constructing , city bigger

- Speed/upgrade time using gold

- Lots

- Help

- Age independent story

- Find pirate chests around , containing cash

- Tons

- Sim style architecture

- Play friends: enter friend codes codes cash

- The "City Advisor" insight city

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