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About Us: Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic
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texttextBoat Browser v6.3 + Lictexttext

Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic: Android v2.1+text

Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic: Boat Browser first android browser which supports voice commands. “Google Voice Search” app work. text

Boat Browser - Browse easily ! text

Boat Browser fast, smart Mobile Browser; Premium web experience. fully customizable, easily change 's locations choose add-ons even !text

What’s special?text

1. ,text

optimized Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic listed (Side) Toolbar. like: re-arrange, add buttons, just icon.text

In addition toolbar customization, also personalize color action Volume Keys. set Key's action tabs, scroll up/down in page. text

2. Personalized Themestext

Bored default theme? Can't be satisfied just changing ’s color? No Problem! Boat Browser’s got !text

Boat Browser’s team cool themes , completely personalized! text

3. Add-onstext

An Add-on unlimited expansion browser. Customize Boat Add-on’s enhance experience. These Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic easily Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic Side Toolbar, after installation.text

* continue a variety add-ons. Keep date!text

4. Powerful Bookmarks Managementtext

Bookmarks Manager supports new folder, drag , batch delete, import, export browser bookmarks! (Sync bookmarks from chrome browser supported soon).text

5. Side Toolbar – New UI designtext

New Side Toolbar integrated Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic 3.4. T reach side screen. And, if ’t like it, just change menu. bring new quicker, smarter browsing experience from! text

6. Speed dialtext

Add websites in speed dial menu them handy :)text

Boat Browser also supplies some very advanced Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic like,text

- Video &, Flash Video & YouTube Video Support…text

- Voice Comm Voice Search…text

- Support App function…text

- Support Cache function…text

- Easy file Download : Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Licingtext

- User Agent Switching view websites/web pages, Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic !text

- Multi-touch Pinch support text

- Super easy copy/pastetext

Boat Browser supplies many useful Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic, which experience fun ! Come them NOW! -ons easily Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic worlds below, Play:text

1. Boat FB Add-on text

2. Boat Password Manager Add-ontext

3. Boat URL Shortener Add-ontext

4. Boat Web2PDF Add-ontext

5. Boat Tab History Add-ontext

6. Boat Show IP Add-ontext

Ads screen, buy a license key .text

T a Browser! If any problems, please let us know. committed Browser available!text


Our Email: boatbrowser@gmail.comtext

Find out us via:text

Twitter -

Facebook -

Website -


Recent changes:text

Version 6.3 update:text

1. 4.0+, add support fill forms.text

2. 4.1+, add support web pages. (HTML5 feature)text

3. 4.0+, add support web page rendering. (4.0+)text

Find all new Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic-Web content settings.text

4. Paid users still premium Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic ads. user, ads sometimes when ex. text








Download : Android Apk »Boat Browser v6.3 + Lic Instructions: textLicense includetexttext

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